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Beijing Grander Intellectual Property Law Firm (“Grander IP”) was founded on May 2008.The headquarters of Grander IP is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Grander IP has three branches in Jinan City, Suzhou City and Chongqing City respectively. Further, a law Office was founded in 2017.
Since its foundation, Grander IP has provided IP services for more than 600 clients, and handles more than 3,000 cases per year in recent years. Grander IP has become a strong force in domestic intellectual property agencies.


Grander IP has approximately 70 staffs, including more than 40 patent attorneys and patent engineers, 5 trademark attorneys, and 8 legal service staffs and lawyers.
All of the attorneys of Grander IP are graduated from prestigious universities in China, of which more than 80% hold master's degrees or above, with expertise in the fields of mechanics, optics, electronics, communications, semiconductors, chemistry, materials, medicines, computer software, etc. Wherein, several attorneys are previous examiners from the State Intellectual Property Office. Our attorneys are able to provide high-quality comments for clients.
The attorneys of Grander IP can work under various languages including English, Japanese and Korean, to provide high-quality IP services for multinational and domestic clients without lingual obstacles.

Rich Practice Experience

Grander IP has handled more than 15,000 patent cases and more than 10,000 trademark cases. Thus, a wealth of practice experience is accumulated. The authorization rate is 87% for invention patent applications and is 80% for trademark applications, which far exceeds the industry’s average.
Most of our patent attorneys and trademark attorneys have more than 10 years of practice experience and are experienced in the practice areas including application document writing, response to the notification of the Office Action, the reexamination and the invalidation, etc.
The director of lawyers in the Law Office comes from a well-known domestic law firm and has more than 10 years of practice experience in the professional areas. Our legal team is growing in terms of intellectual property infringement litigation and administrative litigation and has worked on many intellectual property related lawsuits in Beijing, Guangdong Province, Jiangsu Province, and Henan Province in recent years.

Full Operation Service

Grander IP is not only committed to helping clients get rights, but it is also actively providing clients with intellectual property operation services such as transfer, licensing, and cooperation. In recent years, our firm has held several intellectual property operation exchange meetings to introduce business partners and technology research and development partners for multinational and domestic clients, to help the clients effectively utilizing their own intellectual properties to gain commercial benefits.

Sound International Cooperation

Grander IP has established sound cooperative relationships with Intellectual Property Law firms in dozens of countries and regions including Europe, the United States, Japan, and Korea, and has filed hundreds of applications for foreign patents and trademark registrations for Chinese clients. While providing clients with domestic intellectual property protection in China, we also provide intellectual property protection in important overseas market countries to protect global benefits for clients.

Timely Information Sharing

Grander IP offers dozens of intellectual property seminars every year, including the interpretation of the latest laws and regulations, the analysis of typical cases, the planning of enterprise’s intellectual property strategies, to timely transmit the latest trends in the area of intellectual property protections, share knowledge and experience and thereby build a strong intellectual property protection system together with multinational and domestic clients.

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